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What do you get when you join MEGATV+?


You will get access to MEGATV+ awesome  application.


You are able to use your account on 2 different devices over 1 IP address.


You will get plenty of movie, entertainment, and news channels.


You will have access to all sporting events! (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer,  NRL, Wrestling, MMA, UFC, Boxing, ) And much more!


You will have access to PPV events!!!


You will have access to our  VOD (Video on Demand) Service which includes over 10,000 new/old movies and TV Series in both spanish and english!

MEGATV+ (Renew Subscription)

  • After you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with instructions to active your device. In order to activate you must have app installed, so please try to install before placing order. Also be aware that all plans (1,6, and 12 months) are activated monthly, and may cause a delay in some cases.  For help with install please go to install guide page.

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